Let Them Eat Candy

It’s that time of year again.

The parade of holidays with the desserts and the candy and the goods that accompany them.

These sweet holidays (pun intended) tend to be dreaded by dentists. Fear mongered by the “healthy” elite. Shunned by nutritionists. Condemned by doctors. Criticized by chiropractors. Put down by personal trainers.

Okay maybe not all dentists and nutritionists and doctors and chiropractors and personal trainers… but definitely most, if not all, of the “healthy” elite and those aspiring to be among them.

In reality, the candy and sweets you eat during this holiday season are a part of the experience, the celebration, the joy of this time of year.

Maybe it’s the leftover candy from handing out or taking your kids trick or treating; pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving; all the baked goods and candies you received as Christmas gifts; the box of chocolates your Valentine got you; or the candy collected from a vigorous Easter egg hunt. Maybe you wanted some and decided to buy it or make it for yourself for no particular reason at all.

No matter where it came from-you have unconditional permission to eat it.


Because candy is food.

Because it tastes good.

Because you want it.

Because you have it.

Because your kid shared it with you.

Whatever your reason you have or for no reason at all. You can eat it.

Candy supplies us with calories and carbohydrates at least (maybe some fat or a bit of protein) and our body NEEDS those things above all else. Is it packed with vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients? Probably not. But that’s not what dessert is for.

Dispel judgement and shame to allow yourself and your loved ones and anyone else to eat their candy and dessert and sweets in peace as they want to. Your bodies will put the energy to good use and you all will have a much better holiday for it.

Enjoy your holidays. Every sweet bite of them.

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