Gift Guide: Self Care

Gifting (and getting) self-care items is among one of my favorites (next to experiences!) So in the holiday spirit I compiled a list of some of my favorite self-care items that make great gifts. While I’m all for a good massage or pedicure, most of these gift ideas are for self-care at home and are affordable for the gifting season on a budget.

  • A journal like Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary is a personal favorite. It has 365 prompts to guide you to self-acceptance and is so much fun to work through!

  • Face masks, epsom salts, bath bombs, or even just good ole bubble bath can make for a great spa day at home experience. Pair with a loofa or their favorite lotion.

  • Add slippers and/or a cozy robe to make a spa day at home feel more luxurious and provide comfort all winter long

  • Coloring, Word Search, Crossword or Sudoku Books are easy to lose yourself in when you want a pleasant distraction. I’m a Disney fan and could definitely see myself diving into this one

  • Candles or essential oils are always a good idea-a small experience that lasts for a while. It can easily create a warm aesthetic and brighten up the day (pun intended) of anyone around!

  • A soft or weighted blanket to cuddle up with during the cold months… or if you can knit a chunky homemade one would be great too!

  • Cards or a book with positive quotes and affirmations to create a pick-me-up that they can lean on when you’re not around.

  • Help them fight boredom with fun at home. Board games are a great rainy/too cold/too hot day activity and an enjoyable way to spend time with family members and friends.

  • Chocolate, Cookies, or Pre-Made Meals: Gifting delicious baked goods, their favorite candy, or a crock pot meal lets them take care of theirselves in the most basic but essential of ways. (Of course-if cooking and baking isn’t your forte - a gift card to a restaurant does this job, too!)

If you were to gift self-care, what would it be? I’d love to hear your ideas below!