Planning a Self-Care Staycation

My husband and I decided earlier this year that this winter season we would have a staycation.

My travel loving heart was a little bit disappointed at first (because there’s so many places to go and things to see!) but in reality, a staycation is really what’s needed. Some down time to relax and unwind.

In spite of the relaxing and unwinding, the type-A planning and organizing side of me came out and I dove into possible details.

The dates were set, Saturday December 22nd through Monday December 31st.

When traveling my itinerary is fairly structured (mostly because reservations have to be made) however, in staycation spirit, I want to keep things nearby and low key with minimal true obligations. Here are some things that can be done for a holiday at home:

At home:

  • Watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as your heart can tolerate

  • Honor holiday traditions or start a new one

  • Watch new seasons of our favorite shows (Also lovingly known as ‘Netflix and Chill’)

  • Cooking or baking competition

  • Cuddle your pets extra

  • Board Game showdown

  • Work on a Bucket List for the next year

  • Catch up on some fun reads

  • Brunch

  • 52 Lists for Togetherness or games of this or that

Around Town:

  • Attend a local production or show

  • Take a driving tour of local lights

  • Eat at your favorite restaurants or get take out to have at home

  • Take a walk around town or hike if the weather permits

  • Shop Locally

  • Try restaurants you’ve been putting off

  • Visit a greenhouse

  • Go rock climbing, axe throwing, trampoline bouncing, ice skating, or bowling

  • Visit the movies for a matinee

  • Get (or give each other) a massage and/or have a spa day out or at home

  • Check out local museums

So with a list of things to do and the option to do absolutely none of them, I am ready for a staycation. Whether you have extended time off or have to work between or during, I hope you find some downtime to recharge for you during this season!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a fantastic New Year!

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