Celebrating Two Years

Matt (the husband) and I just celebrated our two year anniversary. I figured, since I'm just beginning this blog a little back story would be good (also, it's fun to reminisce!)

Two years ago, Matt and I decided to elope. 


I'm an introvert through and through, the thought of planning and putting on a wedding made me panic and stress, and Matt was voted most likely to be late to his own wedding back in high school, so eloping made a lot of sense.


We found Tiny Weddings in Red River Gorge, Kentucky and they made the whole getting married thing a breeze. We decided on April fools day, because our relationship began with post it noting and seran wrapping each others cars in 2009... and the rest is history.

So this past weekend we celebrated two years of (mostly blissful, sometimes chaotic, always imperfect) marriage. 

We started the celebration early with a dinner on Saturday night at Uptown-a Bloomington staple with cajun/creole influenced fare. I lived in Louisiana for a bit, and while what I have tried here doesn't seem 100% authentic, I can definitely see the inspiration, and it's very good, which is even more important to me.

It was Matt's first visit here and to mark something off my food bucket list we started with the Calamari/Shrimp platter and for our entree (because we don't share well) we both ordered the Louisiana Hot Chicken-which while I feel hot is a bit of an overstatement, it was still delicious.

After dinner we got his and her dessert (again, we don't share well). For me, one of my favorite cookies from Blu Boy Chocolate (they sprinkle their chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon. Y-U-M) and Red Velvet Ice Cream from Chocolate Moose for him.


On Sunday, we hadn't planned too much since our actual anniversary fell on Easter and we assumed most places would be closed. However, I noticed a post on Facebook that Hoosier Heights was open so we made our way over for some rock climbing. I feel like this is one of those things we love to do but always forget about having a gym nearby!

After climbing until we couldn't anymore, we finally came home to our corgbabe-and since there was an unusual lull in the spring rains, we took her for a walk and relaxed with her for the rest of the afternoon. One little walk and our nugget is wiped.


On our wedding day we brought Oreos for celebrating and stopped at Miguels in Red River Gorge for Pizza. In the interest of keeping a tradition alive, we wrapped up our anniversary with Mother Bears Pizza (arguably the best pizza in Indiana).


And because it wouldn't be a celebration without dessert-I made S'moreo brownies, that I personally paired with Jeni's peanut butter ice cream with chocolate flecks. And year two was in the books.

Do you have any fun anniversary traditions? I'd love to hear about them below!