What I've Learned...

I feel like with every birthday comes a time for reflection and reminiscing. Over the first 26 years of my life, I like to think I've learned some things. Most days, just when I think I've got this life figured out, it tends to prove me wrong... Whether I know anything or not, here are some things that I've found to be true for me so far.

  1. Everything, everything, everything is on a spectrum. Nothing is black and white. There is gray everywhere and this is where most of us can find a common ground. But most people don't like the ambiguity of the gray. Try to embrace the gray.
  2. It's important to do your best to find things that fuel your fire but do not burn you out. If you find something is dimming your light, and it's within your control to let it go, you must. It may be hard. It may even hurt a little. But it will be worth it.
  3. Set aside time for the people who matter the most in your life. This list should most definitely include you. 
  4. Be brave enough to stand strong in your beliefs. Be open minded and compassionate enough to see things from others perspective. Realize there is a big difference between compromising and questioning. 
  5. Eat the doughnut. Buy the shirt. Take the art class. Life moves way too fast and regret is nothing more than a time suck. If you have it, do your best to learn from it and move on.
  6. I will continue to evolve. I know this to be true so I plan for this and I hope for this as it shows growth as a person. Some of my beliefs may hold true for me until the end of time. Some of them may change just a bit. Some may alter completely. Some I may leave and come back to later. All of the above will be okay as long as I'm being true to my character.



What are some things you've learned in your trips around the sun? I'd Love for you to share below!