27 by 27

Happy National Donut Day! Hope everyone who wants the best circular food with a hole in the middle gets one today (Bagels are a close, but definite second.) 

As May comes to a close and the freshness of being another year older begins to fade, I cannot help but wonder where I want to be in a year. I think I've said it before, and you'll probably see it again and again across this blog, but I love lists. Give me a reason to make a list and I will gleefully run with it. So here is my 27 things by 27 years old:

  1. Find more forms of movement that I enjoy and then participate regularly.
  2. Get out on and in the water more. I love to swim and be around water but in my adult years this just hasn't been as much of a priority, which is a shame considering all the places I've lived have had large lakes nearby. 
  3.  Create more. I love to create: weaving, water color, coloring but I do it more sporadically than anything and I hope to be more intentional with setting aside time to create. 
  4. With that, I would love to explore a new art form so I hope to take another art class this year (I took water color last year and fell in love with it!)
  5. Spend more time with the people I love.
  6. Unplug more.
  7. Experiment in the Kitchen more.
  8. Journal regularly.
  9. Always try to find the positive. Be more compassionate with myself and others. Try to only speak kind words while remaining honest and authentic.
  10. Expand my circle of people I communicate and interact with on a regular basis, really take time to consider who I look to as role models, that I know about, that I spend my time with.
  11. Continue to learn more about this field and topic I'm so passionate about.
  12. Take my dog on more walks. Slow, unrushed, unplugged.
  13. Finally get a State Parks Pass (that I keep saying I'm going to get) and really use it. 
  14. Try more new foods and dishes and recipes.
  15. Travel (near or far) whenever possible.
  16. Read more books. 
  17. Eat Tacos whenever the opportunity presents itself. Because, tacos.
  18. Cuddle my dog, against her will or when she'll let me, I'm equal opportunity on this one.
  19. Get outdoors more.
  20. Be more intentional with my time.
  21. Practice yoga and meditation on the regular.
  22. Try more new (or new to me) restaurants in Bloomington (this is a small fragment of a much longer list of restaurants I want to get to).
    1. The Owlery
    2. Social Cantina
    3. Scholars Keep
    4. Osteria Rago
    5. The Roost
  23. Bake more. From scratch, from boxes, from pre-made dough or desserts. I'm not picky.
  24. Get more massages (honestly, I've never had a massage so my goal is to just get one and test my irrational fear of getting a massage)
  25. Take another dance class (I took contemporary this past spring and had a blast!)
  26. Continue to question and grow and learn and hope and dream and set (and crush) goals and life things.
  27. Embrace the lived experience: good, bad, happy, stressful, worrisome, challenging, celebrating. I just want to embrace what comes.
27 by 27-2.png

Looking back over this list, I see that my hope for this next year is all about adding to and I could not be more pleased. I have every intention to make the most of this life and I cannot think of a better way to do so.

 Do you make a "to do" list each year? What are some things you do or would put on your list?