Shrimp Pasta

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I'll be completely honest. I'm terrible at measuring things out when cooking. 

While I like getting creative in the kitchen I often times just eyeball everything. So obviously when  I could give you my eyeballed measurements and make my recipes virtually useless to you (because when I was a beginner cook the terms I use would now would have driven me insane then) or I could slow my roll and measure everything out.


Also not moving on until I snap a picture, man this process will be a test of my patience. But I probably need that. Also-this will make it a lot easier to remake those recipes we end up loving!

So without further adieu, the main reason your here is this shrimp pasta that turned out delicious for the second time around with just a few more dishes to clean! (Which is not really a problem for me, that's Matt's chore)


I momentarily contemplated naming it "Best Damn Shrimp Pasta" but I haven't had all the shrimp pastas yet. But it's really good and is in fact, the best damn shrimp pasta I've ever made.

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Just a few tips:

  • I used canned diced tomatoes the first round and it turned out great! I just happened to have some Roma Tomatoes that were looking a little rough that I needed to use up 
  • If you don't want to use wine (or don't have any on hand) you can use stock instead
  • You can put this on top of whatever you please, you don't have to stick with pasta. You can do rice, quinoa, potatoes, bread, veggies-the possibilities are endless!