After our adventures on the Romantic Road, our next stop was Munich.

Honestly Munich was the low of our trip. I feel like it's partially because it's a city and it rained so much that it was difficult to walk the city. I feel like it's partially because we only had time to do the touristy things in the city. 

They did have the best food by far though and that made up for the rain.

We got there relatively late in the evening and had to wait for our AirBNB hosts, luckily they asked us to meet them at a bakery so I took the opportunity to ease my hunger and eat another delicious baked good (apricot croissant) until they arrived. Once we were all settled into our flat it was time for dinner.


Through my research I found Steinheil 16 which hit all the musts (within walking distance, German fare, cheap but loved by locals, and had a rating of >4). The restaurant wasn't huge but it had a fun and inviting feel. The waitstaff we interacted with spoke English (and they had English menus) so that always helps! 


I had the best schnitzel of the trip (which I may be shunned from the hoosier state for saying this but think tenderloin but so. much. better.) Matt had a steak which was also amazing. We both agreed that this was definitely one of the best meals we had on the trip. Afterwards we were wiped out and decided to just head back to the apartment. But first we stopped at an ice cream shop conveniently located on the way back.


We woke up early and made the two mile trek to old town to start my self-guided walking tour to hit all of the sights. Luckily the morning started off looking so nice and pretty! Too bad storms were looming. We made our way to the Viktualienmarkt-a permanent daily outdoor market place where they sell food and other goods, we had breakfast (another cheese plate for me!), and started seeing all of the churches. We also managed to catch the giant glockenspiel at 11 am in the Marienplatz at Neues Rathaus (above)! It was entertaining but definitely a drawer of crowds. I enjoyed the fact that we managed to be next to an English speaking person explaining the scenes portrayed to his visiting friends.


We continued our journey through the many churches and sites, each one with new details and artwork and stories that could have kept me preoccupied all day long. 


It was nearing lunch time and we struggled to find a good place to eat so we both decided on snacks... Matt finally found cookies and cream ice cream. The ice cream conveniently wasn't allowed in the churches (literally signs on the door that specified "no food" but just in case you weren't sure if ice cream was food also "no ice cream").

It was starting to look ominous outside and we were located near the infamous Hofbrauhaus and we decided it was worth checking out. Also, I wanted a pretzel for my snack, because the one I had at breakfast just wasn't enough, and what better place? They also had beer cut with lemonade which if I had a type of beer that would be the kind.


You should try at least one beer that is bigger than your head right? It mostly tasted like lemonade so that definitely helped and somehow I was able to pass a sobriety test afterwards, must be that German blood. They had live music playing, a friendly atmosphere, and the guy at the table next to us taught me how to properly drink the beer (by jutting it into the air in a "cheers" manner before your first sip... this was a struggle and just ended in me giggling at my failed attempts).

Afterwards it was pouring out and we attempted to stay dry by walking in between buildings with overhangs until we finally made it to The Residence. I had not intended to do the tour, but since it was still pouring outside we decided it would be a great way to pass the time and this palace was impressive.


This palace had over 130 rooms and while each room was gorgeous and ornate and filled with detail and history, it took so long to get through... Was it worth it? For history buffs and architect lovers probably more so. There were parts I enjoyed tremendously and other parts we rushed through because it truly seemed never-ending-but the rain was still coming down when we got out, so it did keep us dry and gave us something interesting to look at and learn about for a while.


The rain finally died down and we were able to spend a little time in the English Garden. The parts we got to see were absolutely gorgeous, and I was just grateful to have a moment away from the hustle and bustle that comes with cities. This park, while lesser known, is larger than both Central Park and Hyde Park and I wish we had had better weather and more time to explore it further. But our stomachs started growling and we had little interest in eating at another beer garden so we made our way to Ruff's Burgers that had peaked our interest the night before.


Matt went for the chili cheese fries while I got their aioli dipping sauce, and everything was amazing and another great meal in Munich. This place was near our neighborhood so we walked around for a bit, then stopped by an ice cream shop I had scoped out prior to our trip.


Der Verr├╝ckte Eismacher has a wonderland theme and ice cream flavors to match.b Their tables were mushrooms, their chairs were modeled after cards, and their servers wore costume! (and offered fantastic customer service)


While there were many interesting flavors (and the few I tasted before deciding were delicious-including gouda and strawberry rhubarb) I settled on strawberry basil while Matt got the Gouda and a take on Chocolate. It was so good and hands down the best Ice Cream we had on this trip (and we tried a lot of good ice cream).

With our bellies filled and a full day behind us, we headed back to the apartment in prep for our last few days of our trip. Next Up: Salzburgland.