Lone Weekend

My husband recently was selected to be one of NASM Master Instructors-which means occasionally he'll be away on weekends for this job.  He loves teaching others, so I'm super proud of him and excited for this new venture, but this means that I will have some occasional weekends throughout the year all to myself.

And I absolutely love that.

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and love spending time with him. But sometimes you need downtime to do you. To watch movies and TV he would rather not and eat food that you want without question and fully indulge in self care and sleep diagonally on the bed because you can.

I also love the idea that I may be able to tag along on some of these adventures, so it's a win-win.

This past weekend was the first, and I had big plans. I was going to organize and clean and relax and be productive and eat Turkish food and take a bath and watch the princess bride and read like twenty books and be in bed by 9 p.m. And of course it didn't go exactly as planned but I got some quality alone time in.

He left early Saturday and my plan for the afternoon was to work on some business related things, once I got all caught up it was time for some R & R.

I had previously started The Bold Type (a freeform tv show that I had very low expectations of) and ended up loving it, so I caught up on the current season.

It's apparently inspired by women of cosmo and is about three badass ladies who are chasing their dreams at a fashion magazine. Also, in one of their latest episodes Tess Holliday (Cool Kid Body Positive Activist and Plus Size Model) makes a guest appearance as they work the whole episode on an issue centered around real bodies! Okay. Enough about that. But I do recommend watching if you're looking for a tv show during the summer lull, new episodes are currently premiering of season 2 on Tuesdays (the following day on Hulu).


I chowed down on leftover copy cat penne rosa and was in bed before nine finishing up Hunger by Roxane Gay. It was a successful first night. I slept diagonally and my dog only woke me up twice, and I slept in until 8:30 on Sunday which is crazy late for me!


After waking up, I decided to organize my (previously designated) craft desk that now is also used for work from home matters (or I want to... if I can keep the crafts off of it). I'm really loving how it's shaping up! A little work and then I tried to spend Sunday how Matt and I do when we're together... relatively unplugged and it was the perfect day for it! 


We spent so much of the day outdoors, laying on our picnic blanket, doing some fun reading, barking at the neighbors dogs and children (this last one was more Miya than me). The weather was so perfect for this, 81 and sunny, not a rain cloud in sight! So I soaked it up. I'm hoping for more summer days like this to come.


Now I know I said I was going to get Turkish food and usually when Matt's out of town I go for the restaurants he hesitates to visit with me... But a burger, fries and shake sounded so good so I went with my gut. Also, Five Guys does a PB&J milkshake that rocks my socks. 

Afterwards I watched She's Having a Baby. (A movie Matt most definitely would not have enjoyed.) I have a thing for 80s films, throw in the fact that it was written and directed by John Hughes and starred Kevin Bacon and I was all in. I tried to watch this movie without any other distractions-which I realized I rarely do anymore-and actually really enjoyed it. Matt's not too impressed with older movies so I really need to make it a point to get them in when he's not around!

After the movie I talked to Matt for a bit. His flight had been cancelled, so I had the bed to myself for another night. I started to get ready for bed and was tired so I fell asleep right around 9. Mondays are tough and to be honest my dog did not allow us to sleep very well, so today was mostly all the tasks I put off (cleaning, cooking, and napping). 

All in all, a weekend alone can do a world of good! We are looking forward to having Matt back! What are some things you did this past weekend that you enjoyed?