Restriction Breeds Restriction


Restriction Breeds Restriction. You may be unaware or just oblivious to it, but it holds true.

Any time we place a restriction on something-whether it's out of true necessity or not-we inevitably restrict ourselves in other ways, other facets of our life become restricted too.

While I can think of many examples, the one that is most present in my mind, in my own history, in my clients stories, in my research and observation, and in my practice is the restriction of food. 

When we restrict food, whether it's due to a new diet, our own food rules (also a diet), a food allergy (a necessity but restriction never-the-less), a moral obligation (may be necessary to our faith/belief system), or because we're trying to eat clean (read: another term for a new diet), the restriction dominoes begin to fall.


If we restrict food we restrict life.

We restrict the time spent with family and friends.

We restrict opportunities.

We restrict joy 

We restrict comfort.

We restrict convenience.

We restrict our thoughts because so much time is consumed by what we can and cannot eat. What we want to eat. What we "should" eat. 

We restrict our time because instead our time is spent worrying about following our restriction. Consumed in thought over what we can vs. what we want to eat. Then, we spend our time consumed with guilt and shame if we "slip up" and fall out of line with the restriction.

You see, when we restrict our food, we restrict what we say yes to. We restrict the bounds of experiences we can have, the memories we can make. We restrict our happiness. We restrict our valuable and limited time on something that can and should be simpler. But because we've restricted our intuition and our trust in our own wise body, it has become so much more difficult.

So lift unnecessary restrictions that are no longer serving you.

Will it be easy? Probably not.

You've used the restriction as a tool. As a method of control. As a guiding light post. You've allowed the restriction to take the wheel, but it's served it's purpose and now it's time to let it go.

Start small. Break an easy but unnecessary rule. Ask for support from trusted family and friends. Seek the knowledge of a non-diet professional. But take the steps to live life unrestricted, ASAP.


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