What I ate: Weekend Edition

I hope everyone is entering this Monday with renewed energy, a full heart and stomach!

This weekend was a great mix of seeing my people, joyful movement, relaxation and good eats. But as always it came to a close too soon!

I thought it would be fun to (try to) document my eating over the weekend. I got pictures of *most* of my eats to share with you! I am, and probably always will be, a work in progress.


This morning, I was in a hurry to get going to meet my sister for a baby shower, so I failed to get a picture... but I ate some yogurt with granola and bloobs. Coffee with half and half and water to go. Snacks of Siren protein bites and a Kind bar stashed in my purse in case of emergency.


My niece and I danced and sang all the way until we picked her up a happy meal. She had chicken nuggets, french fries and chocolate milk and most importantly a dinosaur toy. 

My sister and I were looking forward to getting bosco sticks at Little Sheba's prior to the baby shower and we managed to get there in the knick of time, with good outdoor weather to boot.

These bosco sticks were a go to lunch item in high school when lunch didn't look so good. And they tasted like nostalgia. After lunch we headed to meet our grandmother for a baby shower for a cousin! 

They had food galore that looked delicious at the shower, but meg and I were full. I did have a bite of Zoe's cake which, yet again, goes unpictured.

My joyful movement of the day was running up and down the stairs to check on my niece in the playroom. Anytime I hang out with her I have so much more respect for parents.

We left a little after three and I yet again failed to snap a photo, but met my dad, brother and grandfather for an early dinner at The Olive Garden.

I failed and was immersed in conversation about everything but ate a bowl of salad, a breadstick (or was it two, I am not certain!) and a little less than half of my make your own pasta bowl: linguine, mushroom sauce and fritta chicken.

After 3 hours in the car, when I got home I was hungry enough again, so I finished the pasta off while Matt ate leftover pizza and pesto cheese bread. 


We then took Miya for an evening walk because the temperature in Indiana lately has been perfect. She managed to only bark at one older couple so it was successful.

Matt went out to mow and I headed to bed to do some reading before hitting the sack at 9 p.m.


This morning started out similar to Saturday with some yogurt, blueberries, PB,  dark chocolate strawberry granola, chia and flax seeds.


It was delicious and perfect pre-hike snack before we headed to griffy lake I grabbed a water bottle and siren snacks to take if hunger strikes.

Fortunately, after the hike Matt and I were both lunchtime hungry so we decided to go to Buffa Louie's for a bite.


I had the Italian sub with unpictured tots and Matt got their Sweet Lou Burger and a small side of wings.

We then swung by Kroger and did our grocery shopping for the week prior to heading home to our corg-babe.

Late afternoon, I was getting hungry again and my husband had kindly gotten me a couple of scoops of homemade ice cream from arguably the best ice cream shop in the world. 1 scoop glazed donut and 1 scoop cheesecake. Cone added from home. Look at the envy in Miya's eyes. I ate the whole cone and about half of the ice cream-looking forward to enjoying it for dessert sometime this week!


That afternoon we began watching Harry Potter from the beginning and made it through The Chamber of Secrets before I went to bed to read. In between movies we took Miya for a short walk and ate leftovers for dinner.


BLT salad with chicken, avocado, ranch croutons and cucumbers (for me).  This salad is one of Matt's favorites and it's relatively easy to make! We always have leftovers into the weekend which makes for a nice and simple meal.

So what were some fun things you did this weekend? Good Eats? Joyful Movement? Maximum relaxation? Love to hear from you below.