You Can Eat. Period.

You have unconditional permission to eat.

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You can eat because you are hungry. Because you are sad. Because it sounds good. Because it is what is available.

You can eat because you want to. Because you need to. You can eat for emotional reasons. For primal reasons. For celebratory reasons.

You can eat from a place of joy. For comfort. For anxiety. For fuel. For stress. You can eat for the sake of eating. To cope. You can eat for fun. For making memories. For remembering.

You never have to consume food you dislike.

You do not have to earn your food in any way, shape, or form.

You are not obligated to restrict or make up for anything, ever.

So eat what you enjoy. Eat what sounds good. What feels good. What tastes so good.

Eat because it’s thanksgiving and your grandma still makes the best mashed potatoes.

Eat because it’s Tuesday and you’ll be damned if you miss a chance to eat tacos.

Eat because it’s the fair and when else do you get a chance to have funnel cake.

Eat because hot dogs taste so much better roasted over a bonfire.

Eat because that bakery you just passed had the most delicious looking cookie.

Consuming energy (typically in the form of food) is not only a required part of living, but a big way we experience our world.

So eat it up.

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