Not a Good Time


Thanks for dropping by for my first "official" blog post. As I mentioned earlier on instagram, this has been a long time coming!

I first considered starting a blog in my senior year of college... but the timing seemed wrong because I was applying for internships, and "oh my lanta, the GRE, moving to who knows where, THEN the internship itself or possibly graduate school, will I even have the time to do a blog too? No, no not a good time. Maybe after I'm done."
Then I finished with the internship and grad school, and as I made another blog, I was overwhelmed  with more racing questions, "I don't even know what I'm doing with my career, how can I possibly write a blog if I don't know what I'm doing? No not a good time, maybe later once I'm more set in my career path."
Then this past year, I fully embraced intuitive eating and health at every size but... "there are so many amazing and inspiring non-diet dietitians and practitioners doing their thing so well, how can I ever compare? What will I even contribute? Now is definitely not a good time." 

No matter when we dive into what it is we want to do, we will always be able to come up with a reason that it's not a good time. A reason we're inadequate. Find someone who we can compare ourselves to. Because if you're looking for a way out, you will find it. Thinking back, I wish I had started in college. Or at the beginning of my career. Or last summer. But all I have is right now. 


So I'm starting now. My timing may not be perfect. There may be others who are preaching the same thing-but honestly, can there be too many non-diet dietitians spreading the news and information about health at every size, intuitive eating, and improving body image? I don't think so.

I promise to bring a whole lotta heart and a sprinkle of sarcasm-because that's just who I am-to my posts about nutrition and food, body image, life and some things in between. I look forward to looking back on this post in a year or two or ten, and reminiscing on finally doing this thing that at one time scared the bagesus out of me. I hope you'll join me on the ride!