Taco Pasta

You guys, tacos are one of my favorite foods. I don't say that lightly because I love most foods and I hate to play favorites, but I can barely resist a good taco. They're versatile and can be eaten for every meal.

When Banza announced their Banza + Plants contest I said to myself "challenge accepted." (I was re-watching How I Met Your Mother when it was announced so...) The challenge was to create a vegan pasta dish using Banza. 

Disclosure: As a nutrition ambassador for Banza I receive packages that include pasta and coupons. Banza provided the pasta for this recipe. My thoughts and opinions on Banza are 100% my own.


This pasta turned out better than I imagined it would. Don't get me wrong I'm a good home cook (#humblebrag) but I've just begun really dabbling in recipe development. The conistency and taste of the mixture even had my meat loving husband enjoying it. SUPA PROUD.


I highly recommend it for taco Tuesday... or Wednesday... or Thursday. Or Everyday. The leftovers make fantastic lunches. Okay, okay, enough telling you about how amazing this recipe is, words only go so far, right? I'll just let you try it out for yourself.

Recipe Cards.png
Recipe Cards-2.png

I hope you enjoy and would love for you to let me know what you think! 

S'moreo Brownies

Finally, I'm getting to the good stuff. A recipe. Something you can really take away from here and use in your own life.

"But wait... You're a dietitian and the first recipe you share is dessert? Is there some secret ingredient like black beans or kale or are they only xxx calories so I can 'justify' eating them?" you may be thinking.

NOPE. Also, we should talk about why you need to justify eating something delicious.

I made black bean brownies once in my life. I won't do that again. They weren't brownies. They were overly sweetened black beans with pumpkin puree. And I didn't enjoy them. 

Now don't get me wrong. I like beans. I like pumpkin. Heck, I love corner brownies. But the three just don't jive well.

"But then these can't be healthy." You all cry in unison. 

YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE EVERYTHING WITH YOU. But that's for another post (actually, probably multiple posts). For now you'll have to settle for the fact that my grandfather considers all desserts health foods and you DO NOT want to mess with him.

Matt and I decided that we wouldn't get each other gifts for our anniversary this year, so in lieu of a gift I made him a dessert that combined three desserts he loves. That I just so happen could enjoy too. Call me selfish.

Yeah, a version of this recipe has probably been done before, but I flew by the seat of my pants and they turned out amazing, so I feel obligated to share the recipe with you here and now.

These brownies were super simple to make-I personally used a box mix (Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix to be exact) to make it even more simple! (Side note: Brownies are on my food bucket list to make from scratch because aside from the black bean brownies-which as previously established, do not count-I've always turned to a box mix! Side note, to the side note: There's nothing wrong with brownies from a box-I just like to challenge myself in the kitchen and try new things)

Be my Valentine?.png

By putting the marshmallows in the middle they melted into the brownie dough and it was a magical combination. So magical, I enjoyed these bad boys with a glass of milk pre-hoosier heights the next morning. 


THAT'S RIGHT I ATE BROWNIES FOR BREAKFAST AND AGAIN FOR DESSERT LATER IN THE DAY. And here I am living to tell the tale. You guys I have so much to say and I'm just so excited to have a space to say it. I hope you'll stick around while I break all the food rules and maybe influence you to do so too.

What are some food rules you're still living by?